Quotes It was such a pleasure to work with the Website Ninja. Natasha Zeligs is so knowledgeable about all aspects necessary to create an awesome one-of-a-kind website. After listening to want I wanted, and learning about my style and the work I do as a nutritionist, she was able to direct me to the format, colors, and various plugins that have made my Wordpress site so beautiful and user friendly. I've gotten many compliments on the site and I am so grateful for her assistance and reasonable rates. She has also educated me enough so that I can make most updates and additions to the site on my own. Quotes
Virginia Miller

Quotes Natasha is easy to work with and created my website quickly.. I love how she took the whole book theme and wove it throughout my site. Thanks for the wonderful site! Quotes
Jane Smiley, Author, Carmel Valley California
Great Website!

Quotes I'm so happy with how "held" and supported I felt by Natasha. I left every conversation feeling safe and secure that she was taking the best care of me. And her rates are so reasonable! Quotes
Theo Reynolds, MFC

Quotes I love my website. The best thing about it is I have the capability to edit it my self any time! There's nothing like having a Ninja on your side! Quotes
Gayle Cureton, Chef

Quotes Natasha created my beautiful website. I have received many compliments for it. She was very responsive to my wishes and added a number of good ideas of her own. I recommend her highly for anyone wishing to have a top-notch website at a reasonable price Quotes
Jerry Politzer

Quotes My website needed to be re-created. I am so glad I hired Website Ninja Natasha for my project. I appreciate the balance of intuition and technical expertise that Natasha brings to her commitment to execute all the multitude of tasks that were required in creating my Transformational Color website. I really wanted to co-create with my Web Designer and Natasha was the right person for this as she understood what I was wanting to create and implemented my vision into the exact web presence that represents what it is that my business offers. I could not be happier. 5 stars for the Ninja! Quotes
Gregory LeBaron

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